Banned Music, is a peer-to-peer collaboration that makes it impossible for the major record labels to ban or censor musical works. When record labels send legal threats to musicians, record stores, or websites, we will post the music here for download and publicize the censorship attempt. There is a clear fair use right to distribute this music, and for the public to decide whether current copyright law is serving musicians and the public, they need to be able to hear what's being suppressed.  Read more.
Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds
by Various
Banned: 5.20.2005?
Posted: 5.23.2005
Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds is a remix of the Beach Boys Pet Sounds, made using the Beach Boys a cappellas and a largely synthetic accompaniment. The name of the album suggests an affiliation with the netlabel Hippocamp though this hasn't been confirmed. The story is developing.
The Double Black Album
by Cheap Cologne
Banned: 3.05.2004
Posted: 3.24.2004
The Double Black Album is a remix of vocals from Jay-Z's Black Album with music built from samples of Metallica's Black Album. Cheap Cologne received legal threats from the RIAA, forcing him to remove the album from his website. Interestingly, he received a phone call the next week saying that the letter had been a "mistake". read more...
The Grey Album
by DJ Danger Mouse
Posted: 3.24.2004
The Grey Album is a remix of Jay-Z's Black Album and the Beatles White Album created by DJ Danger Mouse. EMI, which claims to hold the copyright to the recording of the White Album, tried to censor the album in February 2004 by sending cease and desist letters to Danger Mouse, independent record stores, and websites. read more...
Illegal Art Compilation
by Stay Free Magazine
Banned: various
Posted: 3.24.2004
A compilation of songs that have been the subject of lawsuits, primarily for unauthorized sampling. Includes music by Negativland, Biz Markie, The Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, and De La Soul. This is an audio history of banned music. For the history of each song, be sure to read the liner notes.
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