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Archive for February, 2006

At University of Florida? Vote for Gavin Baker.

Monday, February 27th, 2006

Gavin Baker of freeculture.org is running for a Student Senate position at University of Florida, the third largest university in the US. From Gavin:

Senate is a big deal at the University of Florida — it controls more than $11 million in annual funding …. In addition to my party platform, I’ve developed a personal “mini-platform” relating to tech issues. I’ll fight the anti-filesharing software deployed in campus housing, advocate for open access to university research and journals, promote open source software and open file formats”

More info on Gavin’s campaign

If you know anybody at University of Florida, pass this along to them ASAP. Voting is Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

We don’t drop bombs, Democracy drops this week

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

For the past year, Downhill Battle members, including me, have been working really hard on internet software that we think has a serious chance at overturning the corporate monopoly on mainstream media. We were serious about taking the chance to be in charge of our own media, so we started an organization called the Participatory Culture Foundation.

This week we launched Democracy and our Get Democracy website — a free, open source internet television platform that makes watching and broadcasting videos on the internet into an elegant experience. Democracy is quality, quality, quality — it is made up of RSS for making channels and video delivery, VLC to play almost any format, Mozilla because it rules, and Bit Torrent integration for extreme file transfer and no bandwidth costs.

Democracy is designed to establish tv on the internet as an open and free format for everybody — you can make a channel, broadcast your work at zero cost, and let the full screen videos come flowing in. It is now possible for independent videomakers (and musicians) to broadcast their videos on a level playing field with current mainstream media companies, which means that as a viewer, the choice of what to watch is yours to make.

Democracy is simple to use, you simply subscribe to the channels you want, and high quality, full-screen videos come to you, kind of like Tivo. Go to Get Democracy to download the player and help secure that internet tv stays open and becomes the best it can be. You can also check out a t-shirt with a sparrow on it, we gots cool new store operations, etc.

Thanks to everyone who helped this year and congratulations to our developers. Thanks D and D.

Copyright Criminals Remix Contest

Sunday, February 19th, 2006

Kembrew McLeod and Ben Franzen are releasing a movie called Copyright Criminals. It looks pretty awesome. They’re also running a ‘remix’ sampling contest that goes unti lMarch 14: check out the contest.

Email the FCC about local cable

Monday, February 13th, 2006

Local access channels are sleeping giants. Email the FCC right now to make sure they don’t all get killed just when they’re set to become an amazing cultural force.

Do it now! The deadline is today (the 13th)

The FCC might destroy local access TV stations in hundreds of communities by ending the process where communities negotiate with cable companies for public services (like local access).

We call local cable stations sleeping giants because they provide communities with amazing resources and training for making video, and they’re just about to break out of their local boundaries to a huge online audience. For all of you who love inependent radio, think how amazing it would be if every city had a free and open radio station, funded by local radio broadcasters, that stood up for independent music, and offered people access to recording equipment. Well we have that right now for local TV. Don’t let them take it away!

EMail the FCC now. It will take 2 minutes.

Sorry for the late notice on this one, everybody. Hope you can still come through.

Video Bomb launched today

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

Over at PCF we’ve been working on a new video sharing site called Video Bomb. We’ve just made it live. Take a look:

Video Bomb

Video Bomb is a site for making your own channel of videos that you like and also having the community filter up the best videos on the internet. It’s a bit like digg and del.icio.us, but we originally built it to integrate with DTV (the integration parts are coming soon).

We’re very happy with how the site came out, we think it will be a great hub for online video and it really helps bring together a key piece of the platform. We’re getting a lot of traffic today and crossing our fingers that the site will be able to handle it…