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Email the FCC about local cable

Local access channels are sleeping giants. Email the FCC right now to make sure they don’t all get killed just when they’re set to become an amazing cultural force.

Do it now! The deadline is today (the 13th)

The FCC might destroy local access TV stations in hundreds of communities by ending the process where communities negotiate with cable companies for public services (like local access).

We call local cable stations sleeping giants because they provide communities with amazing resources and training for making video, and they’re just about to break out of their local boundaries to a huge online audience. For all of you who love inependent radio, think how amazing it would be if every city had a free and open radio station, funded by local radio broadcasters, that stood up for independent music, and offered people access to recording equipment. Well we have that right now for local TV. Don’t let them take it away!

EMail the FCC now. It will take 2 minutes.

Sorry for the late notice on this one, everybody. Hope you can still come through.

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