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The New TuneRecycler.com

PEPSI IS ABOUT TO DUMP 100 million free iTunes songs into circulation. During the Super Bowl, they’ll be launching a promotion that gives you a 1 in 3 chance of winning a free iTunes song under the bottlecap of a Pepsi. Those 100 million caps could theoretically mean 65 million dollars for record labels and musicians (that’s what’s left after Apple’s cut).

But we have a hunch that most Pepsi drinkers won’t bother to download and install iTunes just to get a single song. To help remedy the situation, we are announcing the Tune Recycler which lets people donate their unwanted iTunes codes, which we will redeem. Of course, we would never send Pepsi’s money to the big five labels (that would be a little incestuous, don’t you think?). We’ll be using the codes to buy music from independent labels. We’re going to pick single albums and buy them over and over– each purchase sends a little cash to some cool people. We’re going to start taking bottlecap submissions when the promotion begins on February 1st, but we’re announcing the site today. Check out the Tune Recycler.

p.s. If anyone out there is adept at applescript (or if you have a better idea), we could really use some help getting our redemption system automated: contact us.

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