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Sage Francis Interview

RAPPER SAGE FRANCIS has just begun his Fuck Clear Channel Tour. Pretty cool, huh? Read our new interview with him and check him out on tour if you get a chance. Interview with Sage Francis.


Get the hastily-made Downhill Battle buddy icon to impress your friends and spread the word. As for other internet communications venues, Downhill Battle is now on Orkut and is still on Friendster. The email for both of those accounts is friendster|at|downhillbatte.org.


We’ve been reluctant in the past to ask for donations to Downhill Battle. It seems like a lot of websites are a little too quick to start seeking contributions and we wanted to make sure we had some real work under our belt first. But we’ve finally added a contribution button below the Resources section on this page. If you’d like to contribute, we would sincerely appreciate it– we’ve been running Downhill Battle on zero dollars and we could use a little help to cover costs and keep on trucking. Donate with PayPal.

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