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Downhill Battle Music Player

OUR FRIEND DAVE ALLEN from OEbase.com has just set us up with this great music player, the perfect thing to listen to while you’re checking out our site, plotting the destruction of the major label monopoly, or sitting around reading a book.

We’re super-psyched about the player. Take it for a spin:


Dave was in the band Gang of Four (a big deal, check out the song “Damaged Goods”), and he got in touch with us a couple months ago. Holmes got to meet up with him when he was out in Portland, OR. OEbase looks like a classy online music store, but it’s much cooler than that: if you’re an unsigned band you can send them your material and if they like it they’ll sell it on consignment. They’ve got good taste, which makes the site a whole lot more useful– you can find good stuff just browsing around, which usually isn’t the case online.

All the music in the Downhill Battle player is from independent-label
or unsigned bands. So if you hear something you like, you can buy it right in the player (just to be clear: Downhill Battle does not make any money off this, but we’re always looking for ways to support independent music and cool business models). We haven’t got to whittling down the “Downhill Battle Picks” yet, but we’ll be working on that over the next few days.

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