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Anti-RIAA In Store Stickering

IT’S SHOWTIME. Thanks to RIAA Radar, anyone who’s thinking of buying music can do a simple search to see whether their money goes. But it’s more than just a handy tool: RIAA radar invites the question “Why should I care where my music money goes?” And the more people learn about the music industry, the more obvious the need for fundamental change.

Now Downhill Battle is taking this consumer awareness campaign off the internet and into the record stores. We’ve teamed up with RIAA Radar to make two awesome stickers. Here’s one:

a sticker that says - buying this cd funds lawsuits against families and children

We’re taking them into stores and plastering major label CDs you can get some of your own. Hit the “big box” stores, Walmart, Target, Best Buy–mom and pop record stores don’t matter much to the major labels, and there are other good reasons to keep them around. Go for the season’s top releases (that’s where the majors make their money). Bring some friends– these guerilla labeling missions are fun and they’re a good way to get other people interested in issue. And as always, if you want to take pictures, we’ll post them here.

Get some stickers and check out the photo log of our own post-Thanksgiving labeling adventure. We call this project RIAA Information Awareness Activism (RIAA). (note the pseudo-recursive acronym appropriation)

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