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Back from Miami

WE’RE BACK FROM MIAMI. The protest was positive in that we talked to a lot of people about Downhill Battle, the music industry, and the FTAA and there was a good turnout in general. We brought down a batch of CD-Rs that we made which were full of articles and info about this site (sort of a super flyer). We handed them out to 100 lucky folks and we also had a bunch of regular flyers for backup. The downside of the protest was that the police were in typical over-reaction mode, pepper spraying protestors, hitting them with sticks, and shooting them with plastic and rubber bullets (often in the face). The police actions were entirely unprovoked; very unnecessary and very frustrating.


After Thanksgiving, it’s officially the start of the holiday shopping season. As we’ve noted before, this is a crucial time for the major labels to try to bounce back and a crucial time for us to get the word out about why buying major label music is bad for artists, music, and the public. We got things off to a good start on Friday; we’ll be telling you all about tomorrow, so stay tuned.


By the way, Downhill Battle is now on Friendster, so if you are too, then you should make us your friendster. You can also help spread the word by introducing us to your friends. Our email there is friendster|at|downhillbattle.org.

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