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Check out our t-shirts, stickers, and frisbees in the Postal Department.


There is a huge amount of work to be done, and we’re just scratching the surface. Below are some specific skills we’re looking for. You can also get involved with lots of other things, by signing up on our Get Involved page.

Web Backend We really need some pro-level web help to get a bunch of things running more smoothly around here. We especially need people that are strong in PHP to join our web team. We’re now using Drupal (drupal.org), so if you have experience with that it would be extremely helpful.

Software Developers Software development–done strategically–is probably the most effective way to change culture in a positive direction right now. We’re especially looking for Python help and Win32 and OS X specific help. Check out Downhill Battle Labs, Blog Torrent, and Participatory Culture Foundation. If you’re interested in helping to manage some of these projects and get project websites up and running, please be in touch: labs|at|downhillbattle.org.

Plots and Plans

These are some ideas for creative music sharing that we’d love to see happen and get documented– if you decide to do one, send us pictures!

Filesharing in a Tree
A properly configured laptop with a WiFi router is a wireless repository for music, video, textbooks, whatever. Put it way up in a tree with a solar panel to make it darn hard to take down. Call the tree, “the music tree”.

The Golden DVD
You can fit about 100 albums, in MP3 format, on a single DVD. Make a DVD-R with your favorite 100 albums, and give it to everyone you know. Double layer = double the fun.

Party favors for birthdays
Little kids really like pop music. For your child’s next birthday party, try giving all the guests CD-Rs. It doesn’t take much time at all, and your son or daughter can help you make the mix (so you don’t pick anything “uncool”).

Bring CDs to a library
It sounds almost insane, but if the major labels could, they would probably try to ban libraries. Maybe you’re upset that the major record labels are suing families. Or maybe you just got an iPod and you want to do something useful with all those CDs. Either way, bringing your CD collection down to the local library is easy, legal, and a genuinely nice thing to do.

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