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Interview: Greg Ross, Go Kart Records

FROM OUR NEW INTERVIEW with Greg Ross, the head of Go-Kart Records, an independent punk label. On how the major labels control access to new music:

“Radio is controlled through payola (known in its modern form as “consultants”), the print media is controlled through quid-pro-quo agreements (advertisements bought in exchange for coverage and vice-versa), retail is controlled by co-op dollars (which also includes in-store play for videos), and they even buy their artists way on to opening slots on tours. In large part, the major labels (as well as indie labels that aspire to be just like the majors) have even co-opted the traditionally “DIY” network and infrastructure that is the backbone of punk rock and independent music as we know it. So, with very few exceptions, the five major labels control the fans’ access to new music. No one can control what people download, though! All they can try to do is control the fans’ access to downloadable music, or scare them outright.”

This guy is on point. And how could we not interview a label that’s giving away music and publicly criticizing the RIAA? Read the interview.

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