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Stop RIAA Lawsuits Boycott

THE SECOND ROUND of lawsuits has begun, and the Stop RIAA Lawsuits site is up and running with over 120 websites signed to the RIAA boycott so far. We went to Best Buy yesterday to pass out a few flyers and take a picture. One guy who we gave a flyer to actually approached a Best Buy employee with the Time Warner CD he was holding and said “Could you put this back? I don’t want it anymore.” Seriously, it’s that easy. A good tactic is to slide a bunch between CDs in the racks before you start handing them out to people face-to-face. That way if the store kicks you out, there’s still flyers in the racks waiting for customers to stumble across. Reading this at work? Print up 20 pages right now, and give them to your kid for his or her next trip to the mall stopRIAAlawsuits.com.

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