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Lawsuit Targets Can’t Afford a Defense

THE MAJOR LABELS ARE running a tactical scare campaign: they want everyone to hear about the lawsuits, but they don’t want anyone to hear how the suits are really affecting families. One mother wrote to us, “We are hardly in a position to pay the price to the recording industry as their sacrificial lamb…We feel victimized and angry, but mostly we feel hurt. We are good, honest, hardworking people (my husband works 2 jobs, I work 1) who have never stolen anything, and to be touted as thieves is the ultimate insult.”

Most people who were sued can’t afford to go to court to defend themselves and many are afraid to talk openly about how terrible the suits have been because the RIAA could up their settlement costs at any time. For there to be real opposition, the millions of us who oppose the RIAA lawsuits will have to stop being spectators and step into the ring. If we make noise for all those who’ve been sued and give the people who want to fight in court the resources to do so, we can make these lawsuits fail. Now if only there was a way to get support directly to the people who’ve been targeted…

In unrelated news, expect a big announcement from Downhill Battle on Monday morning.

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