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Sony’s Porn Hypocrisy

SONY MUSIC PRESIDENT ANDREW LACK and the RIAA have a new strategy: they’re trying to smear filesharing by saying it spreads pornography. Sudden hypocritical moralizing from the record industry might come as a surprise to anyone who doesn’t know just how desperate the major labels are for someone to defend them. If they can get a near hysterical anti-porn advocate to accuse Kazaa of “attacking children” “just like Joe Camel”, then they’ll take it, ’cause really they don’t have much else. You can read the New York Times article here.

Since the only counter-point in the article is a self-interested Kazaa lobbyist, we felt compelled to respond. We’ve issued a press release and we made a web page which outlines Sony’s hypocrisy and lists examples of pornographic lyrics in Sony Music recordings: SONY PORN.

(We put the page up on a separate site so that Sony’s lyrics don’t get downhillbattle.org blocked by filtering software.)

Also take a look at this really good article/commentary from a parent and filesharing advocate at p2pnet.

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