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Announcing Grey Tuesday

THE FIGHT IS ON. EMI’s censorship of Grey Album is getting tons of attention, but it really can’t get too much: these cease-and-desist letters should be as big a story as the RIAA’s lawsuits were in the fall. It’s a clear, simple, downloadable example of how the major record labels stifle creativity and try to manipulate the public’s access to music, and it’s the perfect way to explain to non-experts why the copyright system needs to be reformed. What’s more, as a case study, the Grey Album proves that filesharing networks are a necessary and legitimate means of defense (for sample-based musicians, music reviewers, and everyone else who likes music) against a music industry that consistently attacks the public interest. The Grey Album story needs to get out there. It’s been on slashdot.org, it got New Yorkered, but we need to get it in regular newspapers everywhere. Here’s how you can help us make it happen:

This coming Tuesday, February 24, will henceforth be known as Grey Tuesday. On that day, we’re going to get as many websites as we possibly can to host the Grey Album for 24 hours as civil disobedience against EMI’s actions. Participating websites can also get very large style points by turning their webpage grayscale for the day(scale). It’s also a good way for people to participate who don’t have lots of webspace. We hope you’ll get on board. And if you don’t have your own webpage, send a couple emails and try to get you favorite sites on board.

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