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Google removes illegal art link?

IT’S HARD TO PROVE a negative, but it appears that google has taken the Illegal Art page that hosts of the Grey Album out of their database. As of late yesterday, searches like Illegal Art and Grey Album gave the Illegal Art Grey Album page as the number one result– now it’s gone. Even searching for the hosting url itself gives this, while other Illegal Art urls give results that look like this. So, did someone at EMI take the censorship campaign to google? Maybe you can ask for us: comments@google.com.

UPDATE (2/23): The illegal art page is back in google. Could have been just an updating oddity.

Reuters also reported that eBay had removed listings of the Grey Album. But a quick check now reveals listings that read like this: “You are bidding on CD label / cover art, you will receive a FREE ‘mystery’ CD when you purchase this item.” It’s going to be very hard to keep this one down.

Meanwhile Grey Tuesday has shot to the top of blogdex.net, a site that tracks the most popular new links. We’ve been deluged with messages from sites that are joining the protest; we expect to be in the hundreds by the end of the weekend. This looks like it’s going to be big.

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