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Tomorrow is Grey Tuesday

TOMORROW IS GREY TUESDAY and things are getting really busy; emails are pouring in from people who are going to host the album and we’ve been hearing from reporters all day. Everyone is amazed at how many sites have signed up for this protest– the press is starting to realize how much frustration there is with the major label monopoly and the way they control music. greytuesday.org

Without getting distracted from the protest, we have to point out the recent FCC report that found no risk of low-power community radio stations interferring with big commercial stations. The FCC is urging Congress to lift restrictions that have kept low power stations out of most cities. Radio industry lobbyists are still trying to push the now fully-discredited argument that interference will be a problem, but really they just don’t want competition from stations with locally-relevant content that don’t have to run commercials. And it looks like Congress might finally take some action: thank you John McCain. Your number one spot for learning more about this issue and getting involved is Prometheus Radio Project.

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