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Today is Grey Tuesday

TODAY IS Grey Tuesday. We’re very excited about this protest, and it’s amazing that so many sites are continuing to post the Grey Album even after the legal threats from EMI (read the previous post for EMI’s letter and our response).

We are proud to be hosting the Grey Album today and to be coming to you in all grey (classy and spooky). Before you download the album from our site, please consider other ways of getting it since we have limited bandwidth on our server. You might try a friend or a filesharing network (zeropaid can help you find a client for pc, and we like acquisition for mac). For bandwidth reasons our zip file of the album is on a separate server that we rent. As of this writing, the link is working; if you find that it’s broken, it’s probably because of server overload and we’ll try to find some other way to make it available. Here’s the link to Danger Mouse’s Grey Album. Enjoy it and pass it on.

3rd Update: We’ve had a second offer for a download link. You can find the files here: mathcaddy.com.

2nd Update: After our hosting of the Grey Album was been overwhelmed by traffic and shut down by our ISP, one of the other sites participating in the protest generously offered to take us on– you can find the album here: tomservo.net. We’re also continuing to post new sites that are hosting the album at greytuesday.org.

Mid-day update: Grey Tuesday has been covered on Tech TV, MTV News, Wired.com, in the LA Times (no link), and other spots. More coming tomorrow.

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