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Music Industry Mafia

THERE’S A SOLID video circulating on BitTorrent and filesharing networks called “Music Industry Mafia”. It’s worth checking out. You can find the “torrent” file here . If you don’t have BitTorrent, we highly recommend it– get it here for mac and windows. But if you are using windows, we like Torrent Storm even better. “Music Industry Mafia” could be the first entry in our upcoming major label video contest.


Here’s a perfect example of how the entertainment industry has captured members of Congress and state legislatures: California’s Attorney General has recently been distributing a letter to other attorneys general that describes p2p software as a “dangerous product”. He’s wrong, but you might think that’s just his honest assessment of the situation. Except someone figured out that the letter had been authored by a senior VP at the MPAA. Oops.

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