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NY Times Magazine and Press Database

THIS WEEK’S New York Times Magazine has a very good article about Grey Tuesday. Of course, there’s much more info at greytuesday.org. And we’re preparing a follow-up project that we hope to announce in the next few days.


This is probably a good time to mention that Downhill Battle is looking for some help managing our press database. We need someone to track and compile news clippings and to build a list of reporters’ email adresses and phone numbers. After all, one of our primary goals is to shift the debate. To do this, we need to keep close track of everyone who’s writing about this issue so that when news hits we can get to reporters quickly and lend some balance to the industry’s spin. We’d been pretty effective at this up until Grey Tuesday, but at that point press coverage ballooned and it became a much bigger job for us to track it all. This is a detailed and meticulous task, but it’s extremely important for what we do. If you have the time to take this on, either as a one-time blitz or as an ongoing role, please email us.

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