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-The extremely popular rock band Korn just came out with a very good music video about the major label monopoly and radio consolidation. Korn plays a concert in a CD store, and trashes the CD store. Watch it.

-A 3-minute segment on Downhill Battle and Grey Tuesday has been in the MTV News rotation this weekend. Today (Monday) is your last chance to catch it, here are the times: 6:50 AM, 8:50 AM, 10:50 AM, and 1:50 PM. It’s also on at 6:30 PM on MTV2, and exactly one hour before each of these times is another segment on DJ Danger Mouse and the Grey Album.

-The translations section is finally up. Check it out. We’re working on accumulating content in languages other than English, and that’s where it will all go. If you’d like to help us translate parts of the site, get on our contacts list.

-There’s a review of 12 different Black Album remixes in Sunday’s New York Times. The last one (a “meta-remix”, we’re told) is Downhill Battle fav jayzconstructionset.com.

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