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DJ Quixotic

     DJ Quixotic

TODAY WE HAVE the first of several Downhill Battle interviews with DJs and sample-based musicians. It is crucially important that anyone who is thinking about sampling rights and issues hear from the people that make this music, as well as hearing the music itself. We hope the interviews will bring musicians’ perspectives to the table, while our new bannedmusic.org helps keep some recordings accessible.

DJ Quixotic is a very skilled and well-respected turntablist. Here’s a snippet of what he has to say about the double standard people use for cover songs and sampling:

“I don’t see why people can’t treat what we do on the turntables the same way they treat a band covering another band’s songs for an album… That’s what we do when we do routines, we basically cover that person’s song, we just happen to be using a record to do it.”

Read the interview with DJ Quixotic.

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