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Project RIAA-mix

YOU KNOW THOSE FAKE SONGS put out by the labels on filesharing networks that have 20 seconds of music followed by intense screeching noise? Claire Chanel and Scary Sherman, the hilariously-pseudonymed music activists behind jayzconstructionset.com, are now telling us that these annoying fakes constitute an entirely new subgenre of music: the RIAA-mix (get it? re-mix, riaa-mix?). They’ve put out a compilation of some of the greats of this genre, including “remixes” of Aerosmith, 50 cent, Sheryl Crow, and G&R. Apparently, Loudeye and Overpeer, the companies that create these ear-bleeding gems and propagate them on filesharing networks, are a superproducer duo– like Pharrel & Chad only a lot noisier. Don’t understand any of this? Check out riaamix.com.

Philosophical stumper: in addition to providing mp3s and streaming audio, Chanel and Sherman are selling the CD. Now what if they get sued for selling the songs the RIAA wants us to download?

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