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iTunes per iPod dot com

IS APPLE’S iPOD A GOOD THING or a bad thing? We think it’s definitely a good thing, and here’s one reason why: as of April 15th, Apple had sold around 2.9 million iPods and about 60 million iTunes. If you do the math, that works out to about 21 iTunes per iPod. Given that even the smallest iPods hold 1,000 songs, and some hold 10,000, I think we can safely say that iPods are helping to break the major label monopoly. For fun statistics on the anniversary of Apple’s iTunes Music Store, we give you:


On that page and in other recent posts you’ll notice that we’re really pushing Voluntary Collective Licensing (VCL). There’s a reason for that: of all the systems for online music distribution VCL makes the most sense from an efficiency standpoint and, more importantly, it would be amazing for musicians, independent labels, and our music culture as a whole. If you haven’t yet, have a look at the EFF’s proposal, or check out other proposals at Click-the-Vote. We are 100% focused on making this thing a reality, and we’ll be talking more about strategy in upcoming posts.

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