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Benefit Concert for DHB in New York

IT’S NICE TO GET HOME after driving 8 hours overnight from D.C. The Future of Music Coalition conference was an absolute whirlwind, with a lot of people who are doing very cool projects&emdash; we definitely made some good alliances. We’ll be writing more about the conference soon (after a little rest).

Now is a good time to mention that some great independent rock bands in New York have organized a benefit show for Downhill Battle that’s happening this Thursday and is featuring Unsacred Hearts, Man in Gray, Prof. Murder, Jacob Berendes, and 424 Sound Monster. We’re really, really honored to get this support, and if you can’t make it to the show, definitely check out some mp3s on the band websites. The show is at 8pm at Siberia on 40th (it’s a bar, so unfortunately it’s 21+). More details are at the Unsacred Hearts website— it is gonna be fun.

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