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Downhill Battle benefit show, $50m recovered

IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY seen it, you should read about yesterday’s 50 million dollar settlement between the Big Five labels and New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer over unpaid royalties. The labels never bothered to pay thousands of musicians for the music they sold. This is the kind of thing that happens to musicians in the major label system every day. Of course, if Spitzer really wants to clean up the music business, he should set his sights on pay-for-play, which is how the major labels screw every musician who’s outside their system.

If you’re in New York tonight, come to the Downhill Battle benefit show. Nick and I will be there, as will Matt Bernstein from the interviews deparment, and Rebecca is working but will be coming by afterwards. The show will be fun, and if you’re in the area it will be a great opportunity to meet in person and plot and plan.

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