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TV on the Radio Interview

CHECK OUT OUR LATEST interview, just posted, with front man Tunde Adebimpe of TV On The Radio (he’s the one on the right in the picture).

TV on the Radio

The band started the way it happens in books: by messing around in their loft, making a few tapes, and daring to play shows before they really knew what they were doing. (Of course it helps that they are incredibly talented.) Despite their success and the mysterious ringing of their cell phones (see interview), Tunde vows they will stay at Touch and Go Records for as long as possible. This is a heartening sentiment that I have heard recently from just about every musician I’ve spoken with for this interview series. It seems that the charade of money and glamour that the big five labels offer is gradually being exposed for what it
is: a house of cards. As the majors weaken, the independent music movement is becoming stronger and stronger. While the executives ponder how to reverse this, the answer is obvious: independent labels put out music for music’s sake. Sales are simply a great side effect. And though everyone loves packaging, talent speaks for itself.

Read the interview here, and see ‘page 2’ of this blog (above) for news on upcoming interviews with more super indie rockers and rappers.

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