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We’re up and running!

Downhill Battle Labs is now public! This is the place where all of our behind-the-scenes software technology gets developed.

I’m the co-ordinator for this part of Downhill Battle. I’m the person to contact with questions about Battle Labs itself or organizational questions about projects. Bug reports should be made using the Source Forge bug trackers. Over the course of the coming weeks, we’ll be making more and more of our Labs projects public and setting up the infrastructure to make them easy for you to access.

Right now, our focus is on small projects that scratch an itch. We’re especially interested in tools that simplify existing tools/concepts that we think are useful and important, but too difficult to use. Existing shopping carts were too complicated, for the buyer and the seller, for people who just want to sell a few t-shirts and stickers, so we came up with Battle Cart. Bit Torrent is great for letting people without lots of bandwidth share large files, but it is complicated enough that novice users just won’t get the files, so we’re working on Battle Torrent.

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