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Downhill Battle Labs

OVER THE PAST FEW months, we’ve found ourselves working on more and more software projects that help us in the fight for a better music industry. There’s been some great work done by programmers who’ve signed up on our get involved page. But we want to take on even more projects and get even more people involved. So today, we are very pleased to present:

Downhill Battle Labs

Downhill Battle Labs brings everything into one place and we’ve got a great programmer and friend, Nick Nassar, who we’ve coaxed into managing our software endeavors– he is a huge boost for the Downhill Battle team and has been working very hard already (and we’ll be trying to raise some money so that he can continue to devote his time to this). We’ve got some solid projects that are very close to being finished and we’re diving into a whole bunch more. A lot of what we’re working on are things that are we need for downhillbattle.org, and we think that a lot of them will be useful for other organizations (everything is free and open-source, of course). A larger goal of the Labs is to build some momentum and bring together great coding talent to work on more ambitious software projects. Big plans, big plans.

Creating the Labs also represents the beginning of what we see as a second phase of Downhill Battle. We started from scratch in August 2003 and things have grown wildly fast since then. Up til now, we’ve been generally organized around single, big impact projects and events, and the response has been amazing. Now we’re ready to get more systematic, and if we can pull it off, we’ll be devastatingly effective. Downhill Battle Labs is starting this by organizing and accelerating our software projects, many of which, in turn, will help us get more people involved in more ways. We want every concert to have people flyering inside or outside, we want every newspaper to get letters to the editor about why the major label monopoly needs to end, and we want everyone who’s excited about fighting for a better music business to be able to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. There’s amazing enthusiasm, largely because people sense that things are ready to change– we just need to find ways to harness that energy. So we’re building, and building, and building.

Check out the new Downhill Battle Labs.

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