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Battle Labs Needs You!

Things are really starting to roll at Downhill Battle Labs this week. We’ve released the source code for Battle Cart and Local Ink. They’re both in use on our site and represent the first public offering of what has been a lot of internal work. We still need developers to help out, and we’ve also had several people email asking how they can get involved.

Here’s how you can help:

The major thing we need doesn’t require programming or web design skills, so it isn’t always obvious: We need people to find bugs, suggest features and improvements, and generally give us feedback on what we’re doing right and what needs to improve.

The second major thing we need is programmers and web designers who can take that feedback and turn it into code. Building a community of users and developers who can submit a patch or two here and there is more important than finding full time developers at this point.

Another thing we need that people don’t think about because it’s non-technical is writing. We need people to write documentation for our software and write web pages that will really get people excited about our projects and make them want to help out.

If you’re looking to get involved more heavily, we still need that too. We could use full time developers on “Local Ink” and “Battle Torrent.” The “Donation Bats” software and the “Downhill Battle Chapter” site software are still in the very early stages. If you’re looking to get involved in these things, send us an email: we have lots of plans that we haven’t had the time to write out.

There are lots of ways to help. It all comes down to you. How much time do you have? What kind of involvement would you like? What are your skills? What project on our list excites you or maybe overlaps with some other need you have?

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