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All the buzz in filesharing news these days is about the INDUCE Act which would create vague and broad criminal liability for “inducing” someone to violate copyright. Essentially, the major labels via their lobbyists the RIAA, are trying to outlaw filesharing software. And as usual, the sad state of affairs is that other corporations like internet service proivders and electronics manufacturers are putting up the strongest resistance– it’s great that they’re fighting the bill, but we wish there was a stronger public voice out there (we’re working on it, but it takes time!). The bill has very strong backing from prominent members of congress on both sides of the isle, but if we’re lucky there won’t be time to consider the bill before the election.

And here’s a copyright story that’s particularly unfortunate because it pits an experimental label with at least some appreciation for “free as in freedom” against a succesful indpependent band. We’ll let Wired News tell it. Nicholas is quoted in the article, and you should check out our recently updated press page for more of Downhill Battle in the news.

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