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Flat Fee Filesharing Op-ed

Now this is what we need more of: a simple, reasonable case for legalized flat-fee filesharing appearing in major media. It’s an idea that the major labels literally don’t want you to know about because it makes good sense to everyone and it cuts out the middleman (that’s them). We hear from people every week who are being sued for filesharing and all of them are simply reeling from the cold indifference of the record companies and the sudden shock to their families finances. “People don’t realize what this is like!” is a common refrain.

So what can you do to get more facts about filesharing into the mainstream debate? Write a letter to the editor at your local newspapers. It takes less than 90 seconds.

And you can protect yourself from getting sued by using anonymous filesharing like MUTE or by simply turning off “sharing”.


We’ve decided to send free stickers to everyone who hands out flyers at concerts this summer, so there’s another reason to sign up and join the fun. We’ve already had dozens of people getting involved and it’s growing fast (the only setback so far has been the complete cancellation of the Lollapalooza tour, and there’s nothing we could do about that).

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