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Save the iPod, stop the INDUCE Act

The INDUCE Act is way out of line, and it could pass easily unless you act now. This law is the major labels’ dream; it would reverse the Sony vs. Universal “Betamax” decision, making businesses liable for products that customers could use to make unauthorized copies. The bill is explicitly aimed at filesharing networks, but according to the EFF the language is broad enough to permit lawsuits against the makers of VCRs, CD-R drives, Tivo’s and yes, even the iPod.

Save the iPod: savetheipod.com

This legislation might sound crazy, but it could very easily pass with literally no debate. Last Friday the Senate passed the “PIRATE Act,” which forces the FBI to waste time and energy pursuing kids who share music (I had thought we needed the FBI for catching terrorists). The bill passed on a voice vote, with no debate. We can’t let this happen again: all we need is one senator to demand a debate on the INDUCE Act, and that will slow it down and make a huge difference. Fortunately, Click the Vote is coming through with free faxes.

Fax your senator now. It will make a difference.

Savetheipod.com is a collaboration between Downhill Battle, Click the Vote, and freeculture.org

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