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Hot filesharing film projects.

If you like Movies for Music, there’s some stuff you’ll love coming down the pipe. Over the past few months we’ve been contacted by several filmmakers who want to make a full length documentary about filesharing, the free culture movement, and the future of the music business. Two efforts in particular stand out.

The first is Shift Film, based in Pennsylvania. We got to meet briefly with Dave Walsh from Shift at the freeculture.org meeting / Lessig lecture in Philly last April. They’re serious about this, and right now they’re working hard on getting more support and funding for their very ambitious project. Check out their new website, and their latest press release.

The second is Brett Gaylor, a filmmaker based in Montreal, and his project Basement Tapes. Brett just launched Open Source Cinema, “a film project dedicated to creating movies in ways inspired by the free software and free culture movements.” Check that out along with his previous work, and his post about plans for making Basement Tapes a collaborative project.

Both of these projects are moving fast. If you’d like to be a part of either, check out those sites and contact the filmmakers. Any film that makes the connection between filesharing, the major labels’ corruption, and the looming battle over copyright would be a huge deal for this movement. And there’s certainly a very interesting story that would make a great movie. If you’re in a position to provide financial support to some excellent and important independent films, you should give them both a call.

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