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Save the iPod Update

Savetheipod.com is hugely successful. Since we started at the beginning of last week we’ve sent over 10,000 faxes to senators and representatives about why they should oppose the p2p-killing and hardware-innovation-chilling INDUCE Act. Relative to visitors, over 20% of everyone who came to the page sent a fax, which is amazing for online campaigns like this. Huge thanks to Click-the-Vote for handling faxes and to everyone who helped us spread the word. And the stats for where all the messages went are actually really cool– have a look:

Savetheipod.com Stats

Meanwhile, we hear that the INDUCE Act (one of Congress’s more shameless acronyms, since renamed “Inducing Infringement of Copyright Act” or IICA) has been firmly placed on the slow road. Read this letter from several prominent consumer electronics and internet companies (signatories include Google, Intel, and eBay, and Novell) requesting hearings on the bill. When dozens of leaders in the tech sector ask Congress for something, it usually happens. We’ve heard from two reliable sources that there will definitely be hearings on this thing. That’s good for two reasons. First it means the bill could just get bogged down. Second, it’s another chance for the public to weigh in. 10,000 faxes is a great start. Sometime in the near future, though, we’ll need a repeat performance (maybe with phonecalls this time). Be ready.

For a more comprehensive take on the INDUCE Act / ICCA start reading Copyfight, particularly Ernest Miller’s exhaustive analysis.

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