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Our New Site

Welcome to the freshly redesigned downhillbattle.org. We have been digging in for weeks to get this up, and we think it’s a giant improvement (and a huge relief). This new design should make everything we do here clearer and more accessible. We’re also starting a new announcements list, so please sign up (see the top left) if you want to hear from us when we have new projects and other important announcements.

Hopefully we’ll have a chance soon to do a write-up about the decisions we made while working on this redesign and our general thoughts about effective web design for non-profits, activists, and small organizations. If you’re a pro graphic designer or web coder and want to help make the redesign even better, we could still use some help. Firstly, our code is table-less css layout, but it’s pretty much a mess. We could definitely use help streamlining the css and xhtml. As for design, we are very happy with the new layout and functionality, but we’re still not completely satisfied with the title bar and general color scheme, and would welcome suggestions / mockups / stylesheets. Think of the page right now as a work in progress, and if you’ve got skills think of yourself as a collaborator.

Finally, a huge thanks to Scragz for helping throughout the process and putting up with a bunch of amateurs messing up his nice clean code. And thanks to Karshan Patel, a very pro designer whose drafts helped us conceptualize the page.

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