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Battle Torrent Blitz

Today we’re starting a big push for Battle Torrent. This is going to be Downhill Battle Labs’ first major software project, and it’s going to be awesome. The idea is to make using Bittorrent–the already hugely popular distributed download app–as easy as downloading something from a webpage or posting a picture to your blog.

If you’re a programmer or a web developer this project is an excellent way to spend your time: it’s going to move fast, be fun, get really popular, and tip the scales between indy creators and mass media. Even if you’re not a programmer, just look it over and tell us what you think:

Battle Torrent proposal.

There are two ways to look at this project. The first is, Bittorrent is already a powerful and popular tool, and these additions are going to make it useful to 10-100 times as many people. The second is, once posting huge files on your site is as easy as writing a blog post, blogs can start competing with (and complementing) corporate radio and TV the way they already do with print media. That means more honest culture produced by peers for peers– and less 50 year old entertainment execs manufacturing hits for 15 year olds. You with us?

Check it out.

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