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As we’ve noted on SP2Torrent.com, Microsoft has sent takedown notices to stop us from distributing their service pack. At this point I think we’ve made a pretty good case for the helpful role p2p can play in distributing major software releases, and so, for the moment, we’ve taken down the BitTorrent links. The site has been a huge success in demonstrating p2p technology– we’ve had over 100,000 visitors in the past few days and some good press coverage. The site has also helped us attract some excellent programming talent for our Battle Torrent project and development is well underway. When that thing is done, it’s going to be hot.

We’ve also been hearing positive rumors about the likely demise of the INDUCE Act, the bill that would essentially ban filesharing and also put many other technologies at risk. A huge thanks to everyone who’s taken a moment to fax their Senators, and if you haven’t yet, you should— this isn’t over yet.

All these technology games and legislation can get a little tedious at times, and for you die-hard fans and musicians out there, don’t worry, we’re still absolutely focused on what this is ultimately about: building a better, fairer music industry, and a decentralized, participatory culture. Right now technology is changing the landscape quickly and it’s crucial that we stay involved with that side of things. But this fall we’re going to be gearing up for some serious outreach to independent radio stations, at concerts, and on college campuses. As major corporations lose control of music, it’s ultimately up to all of us to decide where things are headed. The decentralization that’s still happening is amazing– and it means that each individual suddenly has a level of direct influence that never existed before. And that means that reaching out to people in your town or city actually matters. (So why not flyer at a concert this weekend?)

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