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New Free Culture Chapters

This fall is the first new school year since FreeCulture.org was launched. If you don’t already know, we created FreeCulture.org with the Swarthmore Coalition for the Digital Commons, and it’s the organizing center of a new student movement for free speech, free software, and a de-corporatized culture. The fall, the number of student groups dealing with these issues is going to explode from 3 or 4 to…. a lot more than that. We already know of about a dozen schools where students will be starting FreeCulture chapters and we want to make a big push to get more. That push begins here.

A lot of the Downhill Battle crew did serious organizing in college, including myself, and we’ve put together a 5 Step Guide for starting a Free Culture chapter and a customizable, ready to go flyer to make things even easier. If you know anyone who’s in college and is at all interested in these issues, please get them to check out the guide and encourage them to start a chapter at their school (it’s easy). And even if you don’t know anyone in school, you should check out the re-designed FreeCulture.org and spread the word far and wide.

We said when FreeCulture.org started that the campus Free Culture movement could be the biggest student movement in the past 20 years, and that is still true. These are non-partisan issues that can bring together kids who care about arts and music, corporate control of culture and media, linux and free software, and filesharing. It’s an unholy union of activists, geeks, and indie rockers– and it could be incredible. Please, please get this out to college students you know.

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