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The Rescue and a Brooklyn Show

rescue mainstream music

When we’re working to break the major label monopoly and give independent music a level-playing field, it doesn’t mean that we’re trying to get rid of pop culture or the mainstream. There will always be music stars and that can be a good thing– we’d love to see a music industry without narrowly-defined radio formats where musicians can get popular without having to compromise their musical integrity or pay off radio stations. The major label monopoly has lead to a narrowing of mainstream music around certain commercially reliable (but often dull) formulas, which end up giving “popular” a bad name (since to get popular music must conform–at least a little–to a formula). But once we break the music monopoly, musicians will be able to get popular without compromising their sound, and mainstream music can finally shake its bad rep. Check out our new stickers in the postal department.


A perk of having a website is shouting out your friends once in a while. This Saturday, our hometown Andy Ross (who organized a Downhill Battle benefit show in NYC a couple months ago) and Will Schachterle are having the first show of their new rock-electronic-dance-explosion-band: Andy Influence and Will Collision featuring Travis Gravitas. In my own biased opinion, this is a band that could rescue mainstream music, and they are good-ass performers. The show is at the Serious Business recording studio in Brooklyn. Details / directions are on the AIWCTG website and you can check out an mp3: Summer Jam. See you there.

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