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Intern for Downhill Battle

This summer, Downhill Battle had an excellent intern, Ian Callahan, who is now headed backed to school for the fall. Ian was awesome in taking on projects and keep things working smoothly around here. So, with Ian leaving, we have a bunch of stuff, especially volunteer outreach, that’s falling back in our laps– and we need some help! If you’re interested in interning with us this fall, please email me: npr(at)downhillbattle.org. We are especially looking for interns who go to school in Massachusetts or nearby. You don’t need to be physically close to us to work with us, but it usually makes things a lot easier. If you’re farther but a really serious about making an ongoing time commitment, that’s cool too. The most important thing we need from you is reliability. And if you want to try to get credit or funding from a program at your school for the internship, we’d be happy to help you write up whatever you might need or schmooze your professors.

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