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Save Betamax. A Nationwide Call-in Day to Stop the INDUCE Act.

Sign up and mark your calendars: SaveBetamax.org.

For a while it was looking like the INDUCE Act would die a quiet death, but now we hear that the major labels and Hollywood are pushing hard behind the scenes to get it through. What they’re after is a law that would give them veto power over any new hardware or software product that did anything with audio and video, so they can continue to exert control over distribution.

They say they’re just going after p2p, but all the legal folks who’ve looked at this (Ernest Miller has been on a tear) say the language they want would give them the power to do a whole lot more. From a musicians’ perspective, giving the major record labels more instruments for monopolistic control is absolutely the last thing you want to do. New technology is shaking up the music industry and making it better, why give these outdated labels more tools to fight the rising tide? And from the perspective of music fans, this new law could make your mp3-playing iPod ancient history.

So sign up right now for our national call-in day to stop the INDUCE Act: SaveBetamax.org. Nobody likes this bill, but up till now there’s been no focused effort to rally against it.

Now there is. Are you in?


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