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Today’s the Day

Today is the Save Betamax national call-in day to stop the INDUCE Act. As I write this, we have 4,076 people signed up to particpate, which is amazing! This is a huge and clear demonstration of public opposition to this bill and will be a real wake-up call for Congress on this issue. If you haven’t sign up yet, it is not too late– do it now.

I just finished making my calls, in fact. Senator Patrick Leahy’s office was very polite and took down my information and my comments. Rep. John Dingell’s office transferred me to a comment line that they have for this issue, which I think is a general Commerce-committee voicemail box– I left a message there. Finally, Senator Bill Frist’s office transferred me to their comment line and I left a message again. Not as exciting as talking to a real person, but their office (and the others) will definitely sit-up and notice as hundreds of calls come in all day to each of them. The call only took me about 5 minutes. You should do it too!

UPDATE: We’ve made a report-back page for people who participate, take a look at what people are saying (if you’re participating in the call-in day, you’ll get the info about how to leave your feedback in today’s reminder email).

UPDATE #2: Wired News is running this article about Save Betamax on their front page.

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