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We’re getting up towards 5,000 people participating in Save Betamax. And people are leaving lots of feedback about how their calls are going. Here’s a few excerpts from recent posts:

“In calling Sen. Hollings’ office, I mentioned that I had an interest in the senator’s position on a certain bill, and the secretary immediately asked if I was calling on behalf of SaveBetamax. She politely took my comment and asked my name and hometown and ended the call soon after without a great deal of further discussion.”


“Everything went great, glad I could be of help.”


“it felt really good to call! That’s the first time I’ve ever called a Senator’s office about anything.”


More and more people are reporting that the phone lines are getting busy:

“Senator Hollings’s Aide told me he would vote against it. Senator Hatch had me on hold for five minutes and then took a message. Senator Delay’s Phone was busy for half an hour straight. I will try again after lunch”

Sounds like it’s working…

There’s been some concern expressed that because the bill is still in the Senate, we shouldn’t be calling members of the House (and it sounds like some house staffers are getting a little flustered with the barrage of calls). The important thing to remember is that if this bill moves, it could move very fast and it may never even reach the House floor for a real debate. It’s crucial that leadership in the House understand that there is widespread opposition to the legislation so that Senators won’t sneak it past them. If you’re calling House members today, you can say that you’re aware that the bill hasn’t reached them yet and simply ask that they block it if it does.

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