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3 Notes on WNYC and EFF Collaboration

This morning (Wednesday), Mike Bell-Smith will be on the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC in New York (93.9 FM) talking about 3 Notes and Runnin’. It should be pretty cool. He’s scheduled to go on around 10:30AM and if you aren’t in New York City, you can listen to a live stream of WNYC right here. If you haven’t checked in with the project in a while, it’s been going great– we’re about to top 100 songs submitted. Just wait til we drop the megamix.


Following our big INDUCE Alert Call-In to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, we’re working with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to get thousands of their supporters calling their Senators today. It’s the ol’ one-two punch. The EFF sent out an alert to their action list and people are signing up in droves on this special Save Betamax page. If you haven’t called your Senators about INDUCE yet, today is another great chance.

The momentum that’s been building against this bill is just awesome; I think we’re really putting a dent in Hollywood’s plans to push this through. We heard again today that Senators offices’ were swamped with calls, something they never, ever expected on a copyright bill. More on why it matters and how to get involved at Save Betamax.

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