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“The Regular” – New Spin-off Project

This is a big day for us. And if you think it has to do with music activism, you’re kind of right and kind of wrong. We’re launching the first part of a really long task we term Participatory Politics. If you like reading slashdot, need a central spot for interesting news, or find politics really important but only visit a few webpages for it (I’m guilty of this), you can go to The Regular now. The Regular will point you to articles, projects, blogs and the like that add an extra dimension to daily political life. You can find a new top political story every hour reported by readers, and that means you. If you know of something good, please submit the story to us.

We were wondering why there wasn’t slashdot for politics. Could it because there are already really good political blogs? Well, we think it’s about time to use Slashdot’s really good format where the efforts of a whole community go to make really good news stories. Thanks, Slashdot, for blazing this trail.

We have good reason to think that filesharing is participatory culture in the making. And that’s what Downhill Battle is really about. Our next step is to hit the politics industry and we hope we can hit it big. We’re working on getting something out the door that’s participatory culture for politics; the same way that the current music industry isn’t what music is about, participatory politics is not just about electoral politics. Our bread and butter will be housed at ParticipatoryPolitics.org in the future.

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