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“filesharing is the way of the future”

Our friend Robin in Providence, RI told me this story today and I asked her to write it up so I could post it for y’all. It’s funny and very telling:

i went to go see the mountain goats play in boston last week. this band is
one guy, john darnielle, and sometimes a backing band. near the end of the
show someone from the audience requested “two headed boy,” a song by the
band neutral milk hotel. the request made sense to me cause i had heard an
mp3 of darnielle playing that song live on some crazy Dutch radio show
about four years ago, so i knew it was a song he had at least covered
before. well, the guy in the audience was really persistant and kept
yelling, “two headed boy! two headed boy!” and finally john darnielle
laughed and looked at the audience and said, “wow. this just proves that
file sharing is the way of the future, cause i only played that song ONCE
and i fucked up the lyrics royally!” at that point i turned to the people
i was with and asked, “do you have that mp3? cause i have that mp3.” and
of course we all had it. and then he played the song! it was cool.

Got a similar tale of filesharing connectivity? Let’s hear it– post a comment….

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