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Help Us Create Private, IM-Based Filesharing

Today we’re announcing a new software initiative, but we need your help to make it happen. Here’s the plan. Here’s why:

The lawsuits aren’t enough. The major record labels want to send people to jail for sharing music, and a new bill in Congress right now would let them. We can’t let that happen– it is a completely, utterly, unacceptable political tactic. We’ve written a detailed write-up for a simple, new approach to filesharing that could make the major labels’ tactics useless. It would let you search, browse, and share files with your friends in your IM program. It would be simple, natural, and completely secure from outside snooping.

Please, help us make this project happen by donating money to our bounty or taking charge on the programming effort:
IM-Integrated Private Filesharing

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