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So excrutiatingly lame

Remember how Orrin Hatch has been the major labels’ darling in the Senate, trying to destroy filesharers’ computers, send them to jail, and make iPods illegal?

Well now it looks like his music career is taking off: see Hatch’s ‘Soul’ Music a Hollywood Hit in the Salt Lake City Tribune.

I think it’s safe to say the royalty checks don’t count as campaign contributions.

It’s also safe to say that “Souls Along the Way” wasn’t included because the Ocean’s 12 music director has a secret passion for Mormon music.

It’s a long story, and it mostly happened before we started being interested in this stuff, but we hear the RIAA basically turned Hatch from a Napster fan into Pawn Numero Uno by playing to his vanity. I mean, he’s received plenty of regular campaign contributions too ($174,928 in the last cycle) but with stunts like this “put the Senator’s song in a movie” thing they’re getting a lot more than their money’s worth.

Somebody’s gotta start using Bittorrent to distribute videos of these candidates’ stump speeches. Real soon.

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