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Tsunami Torrent

Yesterday we heard from Kirk House who put together a large video file of Tsunami footage. He’s using our installation of Blog Torrent to track it– we are very, very pleased to help this happen. It’s a perfect example of what p2p can do. Check it out. Here’s what Kirk says about the effort:

I put together a compilation of media totaling 164MB and uploaded it to your demo page.  Look for TsunamiTorrentV1.  It’d be nice if this whole blog video news thing catches on so I no longer have to sit through self important anchor people to get video.  I put a link to your site in the ReadMe.html file included with the other files.

I’m going to do a follow up torrent as more media emerges on the Tsunami.  It’d be good if bloggers with video cameras could unite and come up with a single video every day that updates viewers, maybe one designated blogger could narrate, distributed storyboarding software, etc.

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