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mfeeds.com – making podcasts easy

If any of you are into the whole podcasting thing, you should check out mfeeds.com made by our ultra-effective friend Thomas Sibley.

Seriously, Try it out and pass it around

If you know what podcasting is, then the idea is to make it easier to create a podcast by turning any RSS feed, or any webpage with mp3s or other media files into an RSS feed with enclosures. There are other services that do it, but this one is easier.

For example. Pitchfork has a free mp3 page, right? Okay, so here’s the podcast courtesy of mfeeds. Now it’s pitchfork radio. Obviously, if you want to figure out how to turn your mp3 blog into a podcast this makes it way easier too.

Someday this might make people use crazy amounts of bandwidth. But that’s okay, since a hi-tech bandwidth-saving p2p approach is totally in the works.

And for people who aren’t steeped in internet media revolution esoterica, here’s the ultra-simple(istic) explanation of what podcasting is: You put mp3s on a website and people can get software like iPodder that downloads these mp3s whenever there’s a new one. It’s like web radio except you get to keep the songs and take them wherever. And it has nothing to do with iPods, but putting ‘pod’ in the name makes for a hell of a catchphrase. For a bit more depth, see Wikipedia.

Nice coincidence: today me and Tim Jones recorded a conversation about copyright for an upcoming podcast on EchoRadio.

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